Shorr Sitting Height Stool

Sitting stool

Shorr Sitting Height Stool

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  • Made to order
  • High-quality wood
  • Easy to assemble
  • No tools or hardware
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Our expertly made Shorr Sitting Height Stool is used along with a stadiometer to take height measurements for those who have difficulty standing.  The stool is made of high-quality Baltic Birch plywood that is sturdy and has several coats of clear shellac.  Easy to put together — you do not need any tools, screws or hardware to assemble the Shorr Sitting Height Stool.  The seat of the stool fits securely over the legs for stability.

We can build a sitting height stool to any specifications.

Made in the USA exclusively by Weigh and Measure, LLC.

Baltic Birch
Standard dimensions:
L 48.0 cm x W 35.0 cm x H 44.0 cm
L 18.9 inches x W 13.8 inches x H 17.3 inches
Weight: 4 lbs

Made to order.
We can produce Sitting Height Stools to your specific measurements.

Limited 60-day manufacturer warranty.

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